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Welcome to Southern liquidation. Your one stop shop for merchandise.

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What is liquidation?

Well, it's a little complicated. Liquidation is used in many industries, but in this form, it exists under a larger umbrella that we call Reverse Logistics. In a nutshell, it's a method that retailers, product owners and/or sellers use to make quick cash from goods that 

1. Are not selling well

2. Are out of season

3. Were returned by customers

4. Are overstocked

5. Can not be afforded anymore

Typically these goods are sold the second time around for anywhere between 1%-50% of their original value. We buy a lot from many of these vendors, many that you shop with everyday. That is how we are able to bring incredible discounts to you.

What can I do with liquidation?

This is the coolest part... literally anything you want. Our customers buy for personal use, personal projects, gift giving, reselling, start up retail business or e-commerce store, side hustles, secondary income, just to pay off debts... You choose how much and how often you buy. Many take a a business approach because it never hurts to have extra cash, but many also just buy for leisure or for the fun of it!

The opportunities are endless and we want to show that to everyone.

Yes, we are open to the public. 

You don't need any special license or permit to purchase with us. However, if you have a Sales Tax ID or are a registered business. Schedule a time to speak with us to receive discounts & benefits.

We have two locations at the moment.

Rogers, AR - 2201 N 17th St, 72756

Little Rock, AR - 10624 Otter Creek E Blvd, 72103

We sell liquidated merchandise from major retailers.

Basically, that means that we buy stuff that stores can't sell or don't want anymore. Which also means discounts for all of our customers! Whether you're a reseller or are just tired of paying retail prices, everyone wins here.

Our programs change frequently, but they include retailers such as: AMZ, LWS,, W@lmart, $ General, and more. (Yes, we are required to use acronyms. We think it's weird too.)

We do not try, check, or test any of our products before the transaction. 

This is the case for most, if not all of our pallet programs (excluding any special or promotional pallets). This is how we can maintain an average price under 70% and sometimes under 80% of the original value. 

Retail & Bin products are also untested, however we allow testing to take place in our store locations and we can provide more details there. Don't worry, we won't sell you a dud product and leave you hanging. 

 If I'm a pallet buyer, am I able to pick and choose which pallets I want to buy?

Yes! Whether you are in one of our physical stores or browsing here online, we have made it possible for you to choose and see exactly which pallet you are buying before money ever exchanges hands. This system is absolute if you visit on our our two locations. We are still working to make it a flawless system online, but if you have any question, concerns, issues or trouble, just contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

How many pallets can I buy at a time?

As many as you can pay for or as many as your truck or trailer can fit. We have a lot.

Can you ship my pallet(s)?

Yup, we can ship pallets. We also allow customers to set up their own shipping. We advise really doing your research on the product or program you plan to buy before setting up freight as it can be expensive sometimes. While not all are super heavy, some programs weigh a lot and require machinery to move them. Some freight companies do provide options such as lift gates or terminal pick up which can be convenient and save money. 

If you're concerned or have any questions about shipping at all, speak with our team today. We can help find the best option for you. Have your zip code and order amount ready (it is required to ship to you).

Do you sell truckloads?

Of course! We have a healthy supply of truckloads from AMZ (varieties), $ General, LWS, TRGT and more! Contact us to speak with a salesman today.


If we did not answer your question here, please feel free to chat with us through messenger on Facebook or here on our website. Please feel free to call or email as well if you have additional questions.