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How to Manifest a Pallet - Diaper Pallet Unboxing

How to Manifest a Pallet - Diaper Pallet Unboxing

Diapers were an absolute hit! Yes, recently diapers in general have been dry but we do expect more to come sometime in 2021.


These pallets tend to have 55 boxes on them. We sell the pallets typically for $650 and you can easily sell a case for $15-20 each that’s a total of ~$1100 so that’s ~$500 in profit just from ONE pallet!!


We do have a waitlist of over 50 people wanting these pallets! COMMENT if you think we should do more unboxing videos!! We receive liquidated wholesale merchandise from all of your favorite major retailers and sell them by the pallet!

We are located at 3199 American St #2, Springdale, Arkansas 72764 and 1309 North Hills Blvd #211 North Little Rock, AR 72116


Southern Liquidation Springdale

Southern Liquidation Little Rock

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